Super Mario Wars 3D Anaglyph Rendering Test

Nov 18, 2010. | By: Dustin

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[Release] Super Mario Wars 1.8 Beta 2 Port

Nov 12, 2010. | By: Dustin

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What’s this? Another release from LoveMHz?.. Yeah well you know I couldn’t stay gone forever now.. So yeah, this a newer port of the fantastic game Super Mario Wars 1.8 Beta 2. Nothing much to say about besides it’s an amazing game.

New Features:

Download: Xbins  Logic-Sunrise

Credits: Lantus (SDL port), cancerous1 (Debug), and [cOz].

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[Release] Super Mario War Port

May 7, 2010. | By: Dustin

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Super Mario War is a game for up to four players with many different modes of play. The basic goal of the game is to be the last player standing, and to accomplish this goal you must jump on your opponents’ heads to kill them. There are many Mario-themed items you can use to help you kill your opponents, as well.

This is the first release of my port of Super Mario War for the Xbox360. Currently there seems to only be a few audio issues, but that should be taken care of soon.

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Video Update

May 2, 2010. | By: Dustin

Nothing much new here. Just been busy with life issues so I thought I would show a video of the current status of Love364.. Still a lot of work to be done, but this should help get some people off.

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Texture Issues Fixed

Apr 25, 2010. | By: Dustin

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Now off to rewrite my rendering code ;D

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