[Release] XeDOSBox 0.1 Beta

[Release] XeDOSBox 0.1 Beta

Mar 21, 2010. | By: Dustin

[ XeDOSBox - Opensource port of DOSBox for the Xbox 360 ]

[ About XeDOSBox ]
Yet another great project to work with. This is also Team XeLove’s first open source release. There’s still a some bugs left but a few games are running. Note that this is a beta.

DOSBox is a full CPU emulator, capable of running DOS programs that require the CPU to be in either real mode or protected mode.[3] Other similar programs, such as dosemu or VDMs for Windows and OS/2, provide compatibility layers and rely on virtualization capabilities of the 386 family processors.

[+] USB Keybaord and Chatpad Support
[+] Config File Support (Should work from CON files)

[-] Fix Bug that causes crash in alot of programs.
[-] Better keyboard support.
[-] Graphical Frontend for loading custom config files(Like the Wii Port)
[-] Mouse Support
[-] And alot more.

[+] Keyboard - USB Keyboard or Chatpad
[+] Chatpad Special functions
Greenkey + F keys = F1, F2…
Greenkey + bksp = Esc

[] uberfry : Coding support.
] [c0z] : Support with XeDebug
[] sascoo : Help with XeDebug
] lantus : SDL Port, thanks for the audio code bro
[] mastag22 : Donation. Thanks for helping me get in the scene when no one else would
] NoRemorse : Large Donation
[] BLAZE1 : Co-Team Leader, Web Hosting and IRC Support
] ne0fite : IRC Support and nfo
[*] Sonic-ISO : Support ;D



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