Status Update

Status Update

Apr 15, 2010. | By: Dustin



It’s been somewhat of a delay, but XeDOSBox’s Google Project page has been updated.. Also included are Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 project files. So check it out, start filling out bug reports, and let’s make this one Xbox360 port to remember.


status-update-2_2 Nothing much to say yet expect for that the first N64 emulator for the Xbox360 is in the works. Work has been progressing along smoothly for the last month now and things are starting to shape up. No screenshots yet, but I’ll keep my blog updated as things come along.

Donation button is now fixed. Sorry to the people that wanted to donate and couldn’t.. We had an issue with the PayPal account that we was using. All of that’s sorted out now. Donations are need as progress for new and exciting things to happen. Currently I have a few secret projects that I’m working on and of course some of it will take longer to make without your help. If you would like more details about what’s needed and would like to help then please contact me.

<3 LoveMHz



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