XeDebug Plugin Preview

XeDebug Plugin Preview

Feb 17, 2010. | By: Dustin

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First off I want to give huge props to sascoo for his work on porting XeDebug to C# and doing a amazing job of cleaning the code up (Both on the server and client side).

Now about XeDebug.. I personally haven’t had much time to work on XeDebug lately, despite wanting to finish it up and add more features. But it seems like I don’t have much of an option seeing as Jazz Jackrabbit is simply being a pain in the ass to debug..

Well today I have successfully got the XeDebug plugin for Visual Studios finished. Now off to add variable watching and maybe a few more surprises before releasing the next version. Note none of this would be possible without the support and help from sascoo. Thanks bro <3



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